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Brainy Freeze Ice Cream Maker

Age Range:
8 - 12
Intro Year:
Toy Types:
Active Toy
Educational Skills Product
Socially Responsible

Now your child can make his or her very own ice cream or fruit sorbet while learning about the physical properties of water. Combine learning and fun by making treats with the Brainy Freeze Ice Cream Maker, a tasty lesson in thermodynamics and heat transfer. With a simple mixture of ice and salt in the outer container, the temperature drops below zero degrees and creates a perfect environment for freezing ice cream mixtures in the inner container. The fun, tapered strawberry shape is easy for small and large hands alike to grip while the ice cream is churned. Learn how salt lowers the temperature of ice. Try different recipes for ice cream, smoothies and sorbets, and create your own imaginative concoctions. Conduct experiments to learn about the unique properties of water. Add only ice, table salt and ice cream mixtures made from your own ingredients. Ice cream recipes are included along with a 16-page full-color Experiment Manual. This product is FDA Compliant and features a simple 3-part design, durable construction, food-grade plastic materials and is safety tested. Thames and Kosmos offers a variety of high quality science kits for children at all ages, including a Bubble Builder.

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