Edupress / Math in a Flash Flash Card


Math in a Flash Flash Card

Age Range:
6 - 10
Intro Year: 2004
Toy Types:
Educational Skills Product
Travel Item

These color-coded flash cards will help your child improve math skills while building self confidence. This unique learning system invites learners to pick up, play, and learn. The set comes with 169 flashcards for every operation and all number families from 0-12. Color coding enhances self-esteem and allows for individualized learning. Students can work at their own pace and peer comparisons are not so easily made when one child is working on her "purple" facts and another is working on his "orange" facts. The cards are hole-punched for convenient storage on metal rings. Pull apart the flash card set to focus on a specific number family. Each card has a self-checking answer to the problem on the reverse.

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