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For Immediate Release: Friday, June 20, 2003



"What can I do now?" is the familiar wail of kids to their parents after school, on weekends, and all summer long.  Dr. Toy responds with her timely, award winning, list of positive and fun products.  Dr. Toy's Best Children's Vacation Products for 2003 is the best "Rx" for summertime fun and learning for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and older children.  This report presents a careful selection from among many hundreds of innovative products from dozens of companies.

Dr. Toy's perfect solution to summertime doldrums is instantly available now on the Worldwide Internet (drtoy.com) and by mail.  Parents can request the list of new, developmentally appropriate, and fun products that develop active, creative and educational skills.  Write Dr. Toy for a free copy of the report, and ask questions about play and toys for the feature "Ask Dr. Toy."  Include a SASE # 10 envelope (self addressed stamped) to:  Dr. Toy, the Institute for Childhood Resources, 268 Bush St., San Francisco, CA 94104.

Stevanne Auerbach, PhD/Dr. Toy, child development specialist, cautions, "Parents must plan, prepare, and shop ahead for their children's leisure time.  Not only pack sunscreen and hats, but take along toys, books, and games to keep your little ones safe while in the home, car, or on the plane, and at your destination."  These great products will help all parents to overcome the challenge of finding innovative, fun and interesting things for their kids to do," says Dr. Toy.  Dr. Toy's selections help parents offer a healthy balance of positive activities for travel, skill building, physical development, hobbies, crafts, and year-round at home creativity.  Loads of ideas to make summer enjoyable are only a few moments away.  Dr. Toy's report reduces the time it takes to locate new, developmental, and innovative products designed to help children be happily productive.  Dr. Toy searches for products that are:

(1) Safe.

(2) Well- designed.

(3) Skill building.

(4) Challenging.

(5) Reasonable cost, and

(6) Fun!

Parents can "surf" Dr. Toy's Guide drtoy.com--to obtain plenty of information about hundreds of great new products available from large to small companies from all over the world.


Parents can receive specific guidance on her web site at any time in the features "Dr. Toy's Rx"

See  Ask Dr. Toy" containing information on a whole range of subjects.

Additional information is found in her three books on toys and play.

"The Best Vacation Products" on Dr. Toy's Guide contain photos, product information, company's name, age range, and type of product, price, and customer service phone number.  Many companies link with Dr. Toy's Guide direct to their own web site to provide more information.

Dr. Toy has some concerns and suggestions for vacation time.

First, children need to know they will be safe.  Children benefit from a variety of activities that help them grow and learn.  When parents are away, children need to know someone responsible is available to provide guidance, support and supervision.  The person needs to be authorized to act in case of an emergency.  The person who cares for children needs be prepared with a varied supply of interesting, appropriate, and engaging products.  This applies to childcare providers, summer camp counselors and recreation leaders.

Second, children need interesting things to do whether at home, at camp, or on travel.  They need to explore, have new opportunities, and be challenged.  Parents can easily provide products that will help the child learn, be more creative, and have a good time during their leisure time.

Third, children need balance and variety in their play.  Parents can obtain an assortment of carefully selected toys, books, software, tapes, puzzles, crafts, physical equipment, art supplies, and other items to help them gain new information and explore new interests.  The right products and activities will help children to discover talents, and find innate abilities without feeling pressured.

Four, with summers heat upon us the need for parent's advance planning and preparation is essential.  Dr. Toy suggests that anytime the child travels create a "Play Tote" of play products packed to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.  They should be prepared whether the trip is a short one (to supermarket) or longer.

Five, Dr. Toy suggests plenty of great items to take along in her latest report of "Best Vacation Products for 2003."  Her many years of experience in the field of child development and toys enables her to provide year-round help to all parents (and teachers) to better evaluate and locate the best children's products.  Toys included on this new list will provide fun and learning experiences all summer long.  Dr. Stevanne Auerbach's books Toys for a Lifetime (FAO Schwarz/Rizzoli/Universe) provides many ideas of activities based on the Best Classic toys that have enjoyed for many years.  Dr. Toy's Smart Play: How to Raise a Child with a High P.Q. (Play Quotient) (St. Martin's Press) guides parents to understand how to best use products from baby to older children plus 166 suggested activities for parents and children to share are included anytime of the year.  See the web site for more information on those books (just out in China and Germany) and the classic book available only from Dr. Toy, The Toy Chest.

To schedule an interview call Staci for Dr. Toy: 510-540-0111.

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