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Dr. Toy's Best Classic Toys - 2003 Seal

Dr. Toy's Best Classic Toys - 2003

Winners List

The Toy Fair celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. The occasion was marked with a look back to where the industry has been. Certainly we can easily remember the fun of the toys we played with as children. We want to share those toys with our children and grandchildren.

When your child has gotten tired of the latest fad or last season's hottest toy, where do you turn to find a product that is long-lasting? What toy did you find that was fun in your childhood. What will hold your child's interest?

Now you can turn back the clock. You can still find those fun toys that have remained "hot" and "great" playthings since they were first introduced ten years ago or more. The classic toys are the lasting favorites of all children who have played with them. These are the toys that with the passing of time have become "true classics." Many great classic toys are as much fun today as they were ten to fifty years ago or more.

What is a classic toy? These are toys that are enduring, encourage your child's involvement, are "child-powered, and of course fun. There are many favorite playthings you can recall playing with as a child, including jacks and ball, jump rope, paper dolls, kites and marbles. Anyone who has ever tried a Hula Hoop find it's a great challenge to swirl a colorful plastic hoop for exercise.

Classic toys are toys you return to from your own childhood. You can recall the fun by just closing your eyes for a few moments and you will see your favorite toy. Imagine the time you played with a Yo-Yo, Etch-A-Sketch, or Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. These are among many great toys that have become classics and never go out of style.

We have carefully surveyed the toy marketplace to collect a range of great classic toys. These are the winners of "Dr. Toy's Best Classic Toy - 2003" product search. For each product there is provided an evaluation description, photo, specific product information such as age range, cost, how to locate the consumer information service of the manufacturer, and some history of the company.

So if you are at a loss for an appropriate toy, check out Dr. Toy's best classic list. You will find products that your child will enjoy and also find entertaining and educational. These are toys that have met the test of time. They have endured, entertained and satisfied children for many years. These are the toys that will continue to please for many years to come. Explore for yourself to find out what all the excitement is about. Then, make some of your own excitement by finding just the right product for your own child. The product may be something everyone can share like a game or an activity.

If the toy is older than you are, perhaps your parents first shared that toy with you when you were young. They wanted to give you something special also. You can enjoy the nostalgia of the past, and carry on a family tradition that may span several generations when you find that special classic toy for your own child. Having fun is what it's all about.

Remember to look for Classic Toys throughout the year. Here are some great ones that Dr. Toy recommends in 2003. These are wonderful products to introduce to your child. Be sure they best fit their age and readiness.

Let Dr. Toy know how your child likes these Best Classic toys.

Let's play!

Dr. Toy's Best Classic Toys - 2003 (alphabetized by manufacturer)
Company Item Type(s) Ages Price Phone
Company Item Type(s) Ages Price Phone
Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys My First Pet es 6-8 $18.50 800-995-9290
Briarpatch The Very Hungry
Caterpillar Game
bg 3-6 $19.95 800-232-7427
Discovery Toys Bright Builders co cp pz 2-7 $20.99 800-426-4777
Discovery Toys Place & Trace ac cp pz 2-7 $14.99 800-426-4777
Educational Insights Capsela Max-Out co 7-12 $99.95 800-995-4436
Educo International The Original Supermaze es ty 2-12 $50.00 800-661-4142
Fisher-Price The Original
Magna Doodle
ac cp ty 3-12 $14.99 800-432-5437
Haba/TC Timber Ball Track Set co es ty 3-7 $75.00 800-468-6873
Haba/TC Timber Noah's Ark co es ty 3-12 $79.99 800-468-6873
Haba/TC Timber Orchard Game bg es 3-7 $37.99 800-468-6873
Horizon Shine Toy Co. Top-no-sis ap no tr ts ty 7-12 $14.99 845-895-3805
K'NEX Musical Ferris Wheel ap co ty 8-12 $50.00 201-222-9118
Learning Curve International Madeline Ragdoll
ty 2-5 $7.99 800-704-8697
Learning Curve International Thomas Wooden
Railway System
ty 3-5 $8.99 800-704-8697
Maple Landmark Woodcraft My Train Collection ap cp es ts ty 3-5 $20.00 800-421-4223
Maple Landmark Woodcraft Name Train ap cp es ts ty 3-5 $4.75 800-421-4223
Mattel Othello bg 8-12 $14.99 800-736-9444
Old Fashoned Products Inc. Knock-Out/Muggins bg es 6-12 $39.95 800-962-8849
Playmobil Small Castle (3667) ap 4-12 $99.99 800-752-9662
Playmobil Victorian Dollhouse (5300) dh 4-12 $199.99 800-752-9662
Schoenhut Toy Piano Co. Traditional Spinet
(Model 6625)
es ty 2-7 $159.95 888-414-2739
Schylling Steel Safe with Alarm es ho no 5-12 $16.99 800-767-8697
Scribble Mats! Scribble Mats! ac ap cp es ho 3-8 $6.00 877-543-3248
Small World Toys Tolo Roller Ball ap ty 3 mos-2 $5.00 800-421-4153
Spin Master Toys Electronic Slinky el 5-9 $19.90 800-622-8339
Spin Master Toys Shaker Maker ac cp 4-12 $14.99 800-622-8339
Straight Edge Read A Mat Eat
and Learn
es 24 mos-12 $4.99 800-732-3628
T.J. Whitneys Traditional Toys Wooden Marbles
and Blocks
co 4-10 $40.00 250-995-0055
The First Years First Keys ty 3 mos-4 $1.99 800-533-6708
The First Years Floaty Ducky pt ty 6 mos-5 $1.99 800-533-6708
Today's Kids All Star Basketball ap 2-8 $24.99 800-258-8697
Walter Foster Publishing Kids Can Draw
Series Book
ac bo cp es ho 4-7 $3.95 800-426-0099
Winning Moves Games Flinch cg 7-12 $10.95 800-578-2468

Key to Item Types:
AC - Arts & Crafts AE - Active Toy AP - Activity Product AT - Audio Tape
BG - Board Game BO - Book CD - CD CE - Entertainment
CG - Card Game CM - CD-ROM CO - Construction Toy CP - Creative Product
CR - Computer Related CS - Costume DH - Dollhouse DO - Doll
DV - DVD EG - Electronic Game EL - Electronic Product EQ - Equipment
ES - Educational Skills FP - Fantasy Play GE - Game HO - Hobby
ML - Musical MM - Multimedia NO - Novelty OP - Outdoor Play
OT - Other PL - Plush Toy PT - Pool Toy PU - Puppet
PZ - Puzzle RS - Rubber Stamp SC - Science SR - Socially Responsible
ST - Stamps SW - Software TR - Travel Item TS - Transportation
TY - Toy UN - Unique Product VG - Video Game VT - Video Tape

Classic Toys Remain Popular Today!
Barbie Blocks Bubble Pipes Candy Land Checkers
Chess Cootie Dollhouses Erector Set Etch a Sketch
Frisbee G.I Joe Gyroscopes Hula Hoop Jacks and Ball
Jump Ropes Kaleidoscopes Kites LEGO MagnaDoodle
Marbles Monopoly Mr. Potato Head Play Doh Radio Flyers
Slinky Tops Yo Yos

What is your favorite classic toy? Nominate your favorite for the next "Classic Hit Parade!"

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