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Redfly Seven Horses of the Redfly Sacred Circle
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Seven Horses of the Redfly Sacred Circle

Board Game
Social Responsibility

Unlock the mysteries of the medicine wheel game. Native American legends, visions and animal spirits could change the way you see the universe. This is the biggest, real-life game board. The medicine wheel was used by the Native Americans as a guide for hunting, planting and spiritual needs. They learned how to navigate and locate sacred places. This unique product will help your child to develop a respect for and understanding of the Native American life. This game is filled with legends and includes a game set, classic wood edition coffee table game in two sizes, seven horses and a real life game. Contents include a carrying pouch, seven horses of the RedFly Sacred Circle game, colored paper, twelve star stones, one medicine wheel, numerical playing cards, instruction sheet and other pieces. Collect one of each colored teepee place cards as you travel around the Red Fly Sacred Circle. The game is completed as a team effort with all players participating. The game ends when the last star stone is placed. It includes creativity, numbers, colors, shapes, geography and understandings of the earth's resources. We have been honored to receive a special limited edition of the series of this game.

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