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Plastwood Corporation Geomag
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Plastwood Corporation


Construction Toy
Creative Product
Educational Skills Product

Geomag is a unique construction set based on a very simple concept: magnetism. The Geomag building system has the polarity and magnetic strength to create geometric shapes and structures. It consists of plastic coated rods with a south-polarized magnet at one end and a north polarized magnetic on the other end. You can build two-dimensional shapes (triangles, pentagons and octagons) or more complex three-dimensional models (cubes, pyramids, stars and spheres). There are four different lines: Toy Line, Technic Line, Classic Line, and the Collector's Edition. The Toy Line is available in single colored sets of red, blue, green and yellow. The Technic Line has a glow in the dark version. The Classic Line is great for adults because of its metallic blue and transparent colors. The Collector's Edition has 1,450 rods and spheres packed in a handcrafted walnut case. Geomags are manufactured in Sardinia, Italy.

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