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PicturePages Partnership Bill Cosby's Picture Pages--Early Learning Readiness Series

PicturePages Partnership

Bill Cosby's Picture Pages--Early Learning Readiness Series

Educational Skills Product
Social Responsibility

This exciting new product is going to assist your child in early learning reading and readiness skills. There are 28 interactive educational games that help to build self esteem and stimulate the development of cognitive skills in children. All of the games are based on the original television show, Bill Cosby's Picture Pages." Through the games, children develop skills in reading, logic, concept formation, auditory discrimination, visual/motor coordination. This collection combines education with laughter. There is a diagnostic recording tool that's been added to Picture Pages game. The tool gives a report on the child's performance to help assess the developmental level based on techniques of the developmental psychologist Piaget.

The original Bill Cosby's Picture Pages television series help children gain skills while organizing their thoughts and develop an effective approach to learning. This series can be ordered online and comes in a CD format as well as on video tape and comes with workbooks and other materials. Plans include building on the series with health, math and science. The original show was hosted by Bill Cosby in 1978-1992 and was watched by over 85 million children. All of episodes of the show have been put into interactive games on a CD-ROM, video or on the internet. The games adjust to the level of your child's understanding. They will help build a positive experience while strengthening their foundation to learn.

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