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Pamela Drake Woodkins Design Studio
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Pamela Drake

Woodkins Design Studio

Arts & Crafts
Creative Product
Fantasy Play
Social Responsibility

This new Woodkins will take your aspiring young fashion designer to a new level of creativity with fashions, patterns, accessories and tools. The classic sandwich board play pattern of the original Woodkins has sophisticated new features and details for fashion-savvy girls. Included in each of the 8 kits in this design studio collection are detailed wooden sandwich boards cut in the shape of new Woodkins characters that are lots of fun. There are useful tools included like scissors and stencils that go along with many features like buttons, stickers, feathers and trendy fabrics in bold colors and patterns. This product will help your child feel a sense of accomplishment, success and self confidence.

Pamela Drake has her finger on the trends and knows what your young fashion designer wants.

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