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OWI Jungle Robot


Jungle Robot

Construction Toy
Educational Skills Product

Always introducing unique products, OWI has outdone itself with a brand new mysterious robot that goes across ropes, hand-over-hand like a monkey or walks on the ground like a gorilla. Children can amaze and surprise their friends with the way the robot moves. There is a switch to reverse the directional movement. A condenser microphone and printed circuit board control it's multiple functions while walking or climbing. When you think it's asleep, just cry "Wake Up!" and the robot will immediately start climbing or walking for a pre-set time and reset itself waiting for another command. The robot reacts to verbal commands and to high-pitched sounds or vibrations. Building it requires basic hand tools, and step-by-step directions are included. This toy will totally fascinate your child as they learn about sensors, gears, and electronics. This robot will help to build children's confidence in their constructive and reasoning abilities. It is a great product for children of all ages.

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