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My Story Song Winky Wizard--The Birthday Burglar and (Your Child's Name)
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Winky Wizard--The Birthday Burglar and (Your Child's Name)

Audio CD
Creative Product
Social Responsibility

This is a unique combination of a personalized story sung to your child on a CD and bundled into a colorful, illustrated, softbound storybook. The full-color storybook has an interactive quality. You can personalize the book by filling in the child's first name throughout the story. The song features your child's first name sung more than a dozen times by three different fun characters, in a four-minute tale of wizards, birthdays, magic and sharing. Because the storybook follows the song, it can help to serve as a reading aid for your child. This is a delightful storybook with vibrant illustrations and fun characters. A great gift for anytime especially for birthdays.

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