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Lolo Company RohSzamBo
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Lolo Company


Board Game

This innovative board game is a lot of fun and can also be very challenging. It works like chess and checkers, but it's faster. Each side of the board is a version of the game. Players can either race to the top of an orbiting space pyramid, or try to get as many characters across a solar system of planets. In both versions of the game, the four zany space characters try to capture one another using their special talents. Roh, with strength, can capture Szam, Szam, with intellect, can take Bo, and Bo, with courage, can take Roh. Zip can take anybody and anybody can take Zip. In addition to the basic play, there are clever variations to the rules. For example, players can play invisibly with their characters face down on the board. This is a simple game that becomes more challenging the more you play.

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