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Advanced Brain Technologies Music for Babies

Advanced Brain Technologies

Music for Babies

Educational Skills Product

This is an excellent series of high quality music. "Sleepy Baby," "Cheerful Baby," Peaceful Baby," and "Playful Baby" are all musical products that your child will totally enjoy. On each CD there is music that includes the harp, violin, clarinet, flute and cello by award winning musicians of the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble. There is a combination of classical and folk music lullabies and nursery rhymes that offer diversity. The music helps build a repertoire in your child's experiences and helps them learn. "Sleepy Baby" offers relaxing music that will help your child to fall asleep. "Cheerful Baby" offers soft rhythms. "Peaceful Baby" features melodies that provide calmness and "Playful Baby" will gently stimulate and help them to respond. The experience with their own children helped motivate the creators of these excellent recordings. Music helps children to grow and fosters their brain development. This is music that the whole family can enjoy together.

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