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Gamewright Scrambled States of America
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Scrambled States of America

Card Game
Educational Skills Product

This is a wonderful geography game. Find a state map made up of 10 or more letters. Find one that borders the six other states. These are some of the challenges that children will face while trying to learn more about The United States. Match the state cards to the challenge cards. The player that collects the most state cards wins. Your child will enjoy learning geography while having fun at the same time. This product includes 50 state cards, 50 scramble cards, 4 U.S. maps and rules of play. This game was based on a book by Laurie Keller.

Gamewright offers a good variety of games. Other games that have been introduced this year are: Blast Off which improves skill and strategy; Pandamonium which helps with visual discrimination and memory skills; and Snap which is a game of matching colors and snapping shapes.

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