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Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products - 2001

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Welcome to Dr. Toy's Guide! To assist you with your gifts giving this holiday and into the new year we have a great selection of new products for you to consider. We have reviewed over two thousand toys and children's products over this past dozen years. It has been exciting and rewarding to see many new and innovative companies emerging, while many new and interesting improvements have been made among many established companies. Our 2001 products range across many different levels.

There is more to choose from today than ever before. It may also seem that way when you seek the right product for your child. By using Dr. Toy's Guide, you will find helpful guidance as you look for that perfect product, the one that will benefit your child the most.

Here are a few suggestions:

Play encompasses everything your child does. They need you to play with them. They need to learn simple games, and to have plenty of conversations. They need you to read stories to them, and they need to sing songs, play with puzzles, do crafts, and have fun. Whatever you and your child enjoy doing together is perfect.

Look for creative products to prepare for those times when there is a snow storm or rain fall and children are house-bound. This is the time to bring out those great creative products that have been packed away in storage. Open them on a bad weather day and the storm passes away while children are enjoying something satisfying.

Children can only focus on one toy at a time. Make toys something that you select year round to make their time interesting and challenging. Don't forget the products that help children with their activities, whether they are enjoying active play outdoors, or learning to do yoga or some other kind of physical activity.

Even play with pick-up sticks or marbles is physical and requires dexterity; the smallest activity brings the body into motion. Children like a variety of physical activity, so don't forget to add hula hoops, balls, and a bean bag toss.

Children also need time to play games, to think, to create, to use their imagination, and to learn strategy and how to figure things out. They need time to create, to play with dolls and puppets, and to use their skills.

These are the products we have looked for this year. We were looking for products with the potential to provide your child with learning and joy. During the next year, your child will have an opportunity to play and experience some of these toys directly. Be sure to look at our online review of toy buying services to find an array of different ways to purchase these products.

If you have a question about a toy, then "Ask Dr. Toy." If you have an answer or know of the availability of products, help us by looking at our "Ask Dr. Toy" feature and responding. You'll be fascinated with all of the queries that have come in, and we welcome your help as we find answers for all of these questions.

Search through our site, come back often, and have a fun, playful year!

Please be sure to examine a copy of our new book, Toys for a Lifetime, that highlights over 50 classic toys from the past as well as the toys of the future. And look for our Dr. Toy's Smart Play: How to Raise a Child with a High P.Q.(Play Quotient) to help you with ideas from baby to older children, plus 166 great ideas of ways to have fun with your children. What is most important is to have fun together as a family. Have a wonderful time with your child this holiday (and every day in the new year!).

Let's play!

Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products - 2001 (alphabetized by manufacturer)
Company Item Type(s) Ages Price Phone
Company Item Type(s) Ages Price Phone
Accord Publishing Lacey O'Neal bo no sr 4 - 10 $15.95 888-333-1676
Action Products International Dinosaur Excavation ae es fp ty $19.99 5-11 877-772-2846
ALEX Rocking Horse ae cp fp ho ty $80.00 3-5 800-666-2539
Anchor Bay Entertainment Baby Songs Silly Songs vt $12.98 0-6 847-933-9884
Baby Einstein Company Baby Dolittle Neighborhood Video es ml vt $15.98 1-4 800-793-1454
Balitono Paint the Wild: Tic-Tac-Toe ae cp bg $15.00 6-12 609-936-8807
Battat Phone Station cp fp sr $36.00 3-5 800-822-8828
BEKA Art Table Set ac cp es $151.00 3-7 888-999-2352
Boppy Company Boppy 5-in-1 Fun ae es ty $45.00 1-12 mos 303-526-2626
Briarpatch Hello Kitty Best Friends' Game bg $19.99 6-12 800-232-7427
BRIO Corporation Muck & Bob ty $15.00 3-5 888-274-6869
Cadaco Wild cg $11.99 8-12 800-621-5426
Center for Creative Play Time to Sing! cd cp ml $16.99 0-6 yrs 800-262-8052
Checkerboard Toys Fab Fashion Fun Dawn & Friends do sr $9.99 6-8 888-350-3296
Corolle Dolls Lou do $70.00 3-5 800-668-4846
Creativity for Kids Mini Windowsill Garden ac sr $14.00 7-11 800-311-8684
Curiosity Kits Curious Little Ones My Own Band ae ac cp ml ty $20.00 3-5 800-584-5487
Discovery Toys Time Tutor es sr tr $27.99 5-10 800-426-4777
EDC Publishing Book of the Seasons ae ac bo $16.95 6-9 800-475-4522
Educational Insights GeoSafari Laptop es el $49.95 3-8 800-995-4436
Elite Electronics KidSafe TV no sr $24.95 3-8 888-983-5555
Elope Astronaut Hat ae cs cp fp $19.80 6-10 800-553-5673
Endless Games Pop Smarts bg $29.99 10-12 201-386-9465
ETA/Cuisenaire Magnetic Portfolios es $34.95 6-12 800-445-5985
First Years Wiggles ae pl ty $6.49 6 mo-10 yrs 800-533-6708
Fisher-Price Play With Letters Desk cp es el $29.99 3-7 800-432-5437
Folkmanis My First Puppets Soft Book bo cp es pl pu $35.00 6-36 mos. 800-654-8922
Gamewright Claymania ge $17.99 9-12 800-638-7568
Get Real Girl Get Real Girl do $25.00 6-12 866-474-4747
Golden Books Golden Pegged Puzzle Books bo cp es pz sr $12.99 2-4 800-558-5972
Great American Puzzle Factory 3-D Undersea Jigsaw Puzzle pz $7.00 6-8 800-922-1194
Hands On Toys Wiggly Giggly Plush ae pl $18.00 6-24 mos 888-442-6376
Hasbro Magic Screen Learning Desk ty $45.99 12-36 mos 800-752-9755
Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta-Music Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta Chants cd es ml tr $15.99 5-12 888-663-7122
Image Factory My Best English Vol. 2 Colors es vt $16.95 12-36 mos 800-851-7115
Imagination Development Group Movies in My Mind ae at bg $19.95 5-7 800-546-4440
Inspiration Software Kidspiration es sw $69.00 grades k-3 800-877-4292
International Playthings Amazing Animal Trivia Game bg es $19.99 6-8 800-445-8347
Kids II KookaZoo Tunnel Gym ae es ty $29.99 birth-2 770-751-0442
Kids' Learning Network www.KLNlive.com website free 9-12 617-542-6500
Kidzup Productions Toddler Alphabet Sing-Along at bo cd $14.99 3-5 888-321-5437
Kimbo Educational Castles, Knights & Unicorns at cd cp fp ml $14.95 cd 3-7 800-631-2187
Klutz Klutz Kwiz es el $17.95 5-10 800-737-4123
Knowledge Adventure Math Blaster: Cross Terrain Challenge cd-rom sw $19.99 9-12 800-545-7677
LeapFrog Enterprises Imagination Desk ae ac cp es ml $44.99 3-7 800-701-5327
Learning Company Clue Finders 5th Grade Adventure cd-rom es fp sw $29.95 9-12 319-395-0115
Learning Curve International Madeline Doll House cp dh $150.00 2-5 800-704-8697
Learning Materials Workshop BUCO co cp es ty $79.00 3-8 800-693-7164
Learning Resources Tick, Tac, Tock! Game bg cp es $13.95 6-8 888-800-7893
LEGO Systems Bob the Builder--Bob and Lofty Meet the Mice co $14.99 2-6 860-763-6606
LGB of America Cow Starter Set by Toytrain es fp ho $220.00 8-12 800-669-0607
Little Fiddle Company The Tic Toc Clocks bo cd $16.95 1-5 888-678-5636
Little Tikes Ready-Step-Go Roller Skates ae op ty $14.99 1-3 800-321-0183
Lucy Hammett Games Bug Bingo bg es ty $14.95 3-12 888-420-7585
Maas Presentations Remmy and the BrainTrain bo cd ml $16.95 4-8 607-347-4590
Madacy Kids Fun with Mommy & Me ae ml vt $39.98 0-5 416-756-2800
Manhattan Toy Handy Work pu es cp sr $10.00 3-7 800-541-1345
Master Communications Families of the World Video Series es sr tr vt $19.95 5-11 800-888-9681
McDistribution Plus McWiz Junior bg es $29.99 6-12 888-691-2849
Mega Bloks Learning Station es ty $34.99 18 m-6 y 800-465-6342
MGA Entertainment DJ Mixer cp ml $49.99 6-10 800-222-4685
Milton Bradley/Hasbro Wheels on the Bus bg el $19.99 3-6 888-836-7025
Mongo Toys SquashBlox Castle Set ae co cp fp pl ty $129.95 3-7 201-792-5451
Munchkin Sing With Me Magic Cube ae cp es el ho ml $39.99 2-7 800-344-2229
Neurosmith Sunshine Symphony ml pl $49.99 0-36 mos 800-220-3669
Orchard Books Why Butterflies Go By on Silent Wings bo sr $16.95 4-10 800-242-7737
Original San Francisco Toymakers Yano cp ty es $59.99 3-6 650-952-7701
OWI Rockit Robot co es ho ty $24.95 10-12 800-638-1694
Pamela Drake Woodkins do es cp $15.00 3-11 800-966-3762
Patch Products Three for All bg $25.00 10-12 800-524-4263
Penguin Putnam Books Cool Mad Libs bo es tr $3.99 7-14 800-788-6262
Penton Overseas Learn in Your Car for Kids at bo cd es tr $19.95 7-12 800-748-5804
Peopling.net Classical Board Game bg es $15.00 9-12 716-662-7794
Poetry Pals Poetry Pals Learning Center bo es pz vt cp $89.95 2-7 877-463-6896
Pressman Toy Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Jr. bg $24.99 8-12 800-800-0298
ProDiJeux WordXchange bg es $28.95 10-12 514-932-4744
Production Associates We Sign--ABC, Numbers, Colors, Animals, Rhymes ae es vt $14.95 3-12 800-535-8368
Puppet Partners Petite Performer Puppet & Props ae cp fp pu $8.99 pu 3-12 801-544-7899
Quincrafts Corporation Yarn Critters ac cp es tr $12.99 7-10 800-342-8458
Saskatchewan Internet News Pentagonia bg es sr $20.00 8-12 306-652-1280
Scholastic Clifford Learning Activities cd-rom es sw sr $19.95 4-6 800-724-4718
School Zone Interactive Same or Different cd-rom es sw $19.99 3-5 800-253-0564
Selecta Spielzeug Millino 1452 ty $7.50 1-12 mos 518-273-0726
Skin Vestment Boo Boo Buddy no sr $5.95 12 mo-12 yr 800-346-4655
Sleeveless Toddler ae cd cp es ml $15.99 0-4 yrs 888-606-6874
Small Fry Productions You Are A Masterpiece es sr vt $19.95 5-12 800-521-5311
Small World Toys Deluxe Feltland Doll House ae co cp do dh $100.00 3-5 800-421-4153
SmarterKids Colorations Colored Puffy Paint ac cp es $12.99 3-5 800-293-9314
Spin Master Toys Incredible Shrinky Dinks ac cp es ho ty $29.99 6-9 800-622-8339
Sport Fun Spin Driver ty $39.99 18-36 mos 800-423-2597
Tangle Original Tangle with Texture no ty $16.00 0-12 888-829-3808
Team Concepts Imagination Playmat el ml ty $49.99 3-24 mos 800-486-0898
Tiger Electronics Bob-Builder Build & Learn es el $24.99 2-4 800-844-3733
USAOPOLY Scrabble Jr Game: Wildlife bg es $19.95 5-8 888-876-7659
VTech Industries Me-Mo-Mo es op ty tr $49.99 5-8 800-521-2010
Walt Disney Records Inside-Out Sleep Game ae at ml $12.95 cd 3-12 805-969-5654
Warren Industries Lego Racers bg $14.99 7-10 800-447-2151
Williamson Publishing Make Your Own Birdhouses ae bo cp sr $7.95 8-12 800-234-8791
Wow Wee Totally Extreme Rock Climber ty $39.99 8-12 514-344-1250
YOTTOY Productions Good Night, Mr. Night Toy cp do fp pl sr $19.99 3-8 800-554-1447
Zapf Creation Rock-A-Bye Chou Chou do ty $34.99 3-7 800-629-9273

Key to Item Types:
AC - Arts & Crafts AE - Active Toy AP - Activity Product AT - Audio Tape
BG - Board Game BO - Book CD - CD CE - Children's Entertainment
CG - Card Game CM - CD-ROM CO - Construction Toy CP - Creative Product
CR - Computer-Related CS - Costume DH - Dollhouse DO - Doll
DV - DVD EG - Electronic Game EL - Electronic Product EQ - Equipment
ES - Educational Skills Product FP - Fantasy Play GE - Game HO - Hobby
ML - Musical MM - Multimedia NO - Novelty OP - Outdoor Play
OT - Other PL - Plush Toy PT - Pool Toy PU - Puppet
PZ - Puzzle RS - Rubber Stamp SC - Science SR - Socially Responsible
ST - Stamps SW - Software TR - Travel Item TS - Transportation
TY - Toy UN - Unique Product VG - Video Game VT - Video Tape
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