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Cultural Toys


Soft Baby Blocks

Educational skills

3 mos - 24 mos


These multicultural, soft, musical blocks will be a welcome addition to your baby's playtime. They offer durability, but are soft and squeezable to the touch. Non toxic and safe they provide a lot of learning with letters, numbers, shapes, faces, animals and African inspired fabric design and much more. Part of a great new line of culturally sensitive products to build self-esteem, cultural exchange and developmental skills.

Curiosity Kits

800-584-KITS / 800-584-5487

My Medieval Fairy Tale Adventure

Creative, educational product



Wonderful combination of story and coloring book to set the time and introduce the products that are created by the child. The items include a sachet pouch that is glued together and then decorated and filled with potpourri, an amulet necklace, a pointed hat, a flag and a musical wind wand of ribbons. Everything that is needed is contained inside the colorful storage box. Many adventures await girls and boys provided by this innovative company.



Puzzle Truck

Educational skills toy



Part of a great line of wooden products produced in Germany offers this clever truck is sure to be a big favorite. A puzzle of primary color pieces fit into an open bed red truck with bright yellow hood, bright white and red wheels. The pieces will help to teach shapes, sizes and sorting . This is one of the best transportation toys around and will greatly please the young driver.

Didax Educational Resources


Ready for Math Kit

Educational skills product



Help child really understand numbers with these 100 interlocking counting cubes and clever activity book. Work with your child to discover the "Trip Around Town" approach to learn counting, comparing, order, classifying and all the basics.


Blocks can be used for homework, keep track of chores, and much more. You will discover many ways these little blocks can help your child learn the value of math.

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