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Computer Curriculum Corp


Total Amazon

CD Rom



An exciting addition to learning is this CD that allows the child to come in direct contact with exotic locations and animals and learn about the changing environment. Produced with Simon & Schuster Interactive the Total Amazon visits habitats and helps the viewer see with videos, sounds, activities. Visit the rain forest, the people and learn about issues they are coping with. Included are two tickets for zoos across the country and the Macmillan Dictionary for Children. A great value for home and schools.



Radio Addition

CD ROM, Software



Interactive developmental levels help children progress in their understanding of math from simple to more complex.With music, games and animation child will learn to add, regroup and solve a sequence of problems that will challenge their ability to think. A fun, practical way to learn basics.



Les Calins Malins




A high quality, huggable, movable baby doll in five styles including African American created by the award winning French designer, Catherine Refabert. This wonderfully designed baby doll offers hours of play and will receive much affection.

Creative Teaching Press


Learn to Read

Math series books



Parents can help their child learn math by obtaining these books that help to make learning the basics easier. This is an excellent approach to promote skill building and is part of a large and valuable resource of books available for children.

Crescent Cardboard Products


Sand Expressions

Creative product



Discover the fun and potential of wonderful sand art. The child can make the map of the US with colors, shapes, and have the satisfaction of making something useful with one's own hands of lasting value. Child's work can be framed and hung up.


Take a walk on the beach with your child and explore the sand.Take along a bag and fill it up with trash left by others who don't appreciate the beauty and gift of nature. You may find a few nice shells to remind you of the power of the sea.

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