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Living Books


Dr. Seuss's ABC

CD ROM, software, book



Excellent rendition and expansion of a widely popular book by the icon of children's literature, Dr. Seuss, my favorite since I first opened the book "Cat in the Hat." What better way to learn the ABC's than to be introduced to the letters, sights and sounds of the letters, music and animation. A CD is not offered to replace, but rather enhance the books. Click! 400 alphabetically inspired surprises await.

Manhattan Toy Company


Looney Bird Hand Puppets




Children love puppets. When they are using them expand their communication skills and imagination expands as they make up dialogue and have a great time improvising. These puppets are colorful, easy to use and fun. They are part of a great line of imaginative high quality plush products.

Mattel Toys


Follow the Lights Keyboard

Educational skills product

18 mos - 5 years


A colorful keyboard decorated with Disney friends help child learn the basics of music. Make up a tune or learn popular favorites. This keyboard helps the child gain an appreciation of playing and gaining in skills. This product will grow with the child and encourage early musical interests.

MDP Worldwide


Born Wild

Video tape


Available for rental at your local video store

Education begins with discovery. Brooke Shields shares the limelight with the two suddenly orphaned leopard cubs, she discovers on a documentary film assignment in South Africa. She meets John Varty, the man who has filmed the mother leopard for 12 years. The struggle to bring the story back and protect the cubs is thrilling.

Milton Bradley


Lucky Ducks




Real quacking sounds as these 12 yellow ducks swim around on the pond waiting to be placed on their nests. Color matching teaches children as they also have to remember and match three to win. A great way to start the basics about colors. Anyone can play and have fun. Memory skills are easy when its fun.



Ace Publisher

Software, Educational Skills



Children learn basics of the publishing business. Along the way the child also learn grammar, editing, the business of publishing and they even get to create, produce and learn to sell their own manuscripts.This program will be a boon to learning first hand the importance of written skills. This product will also encourage more self-expression.

Ohio Art


Faballoon Balloon Maker

Creative craft



Fabulous balloons turn into gifts, centerpieces or hanging decorations. Everything needed for 8 balloons plus pumping unit, wand, decorating pen, shredded paper and a color creativity guide.Refill sets are available. These are delightful projects that are more fun to do together and a terrific way to celebrate the next birthday. Check out their Etch A Sketch too, when you are at the toy store.

One World Toys


Kids on the Go Playset




Exciting playtime offered by a United Nations approach in ethnically diverse, posable figures that have fun in a colorful and imaginative playset. Children learn through play that they can get along well with others.This one new product among many is offered by this innovative new company aimed at fostering greater understanding and respect .


To build on the good will generated by this product line, take your child to the United Nations, or learn about the UN's 50th anniversary, about UNICEF and about other ways to broaden child's appreciation of neighbors around the community, our country and the world.

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