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Fisher Price


Electronic Discovery Desk

Educational skills

9 mos -3 years


The baby's first desk offers a lot of learning from the play telephone that rings, answering machine that sends friendly messages.There are over 40 responses that help the child to identify shapes, colors, animals, numbers, and nursery rhymes.The child can even mail a letter in the talking mail slot. Another great product.


Learn the basics about child development so that you can anticipate the usual next developmental stage and what your child will be ready for. Every child is unique and will develop at his or her own rate. Don't rush the baby, but observe and give the right product to assist at the right time. By observing what your child needs you will be better able to respond.For babies be sure products are easy to clean, durable, non-toxic, not too small and no loose ties. For more safety tips contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission (Washington, D.C. or your regional office) or the Toy Manufacturers of America (New York City).

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