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Scotch Just for Kids Tape

Video tape



Finally a video tape designed for kids to use on the VCR. A tape that can be used for over 250 playbacks is a great value at this price. Best of all the tapes will be clearly marked and not mixed in with others. The sleeve can be customized by using crayons or markers and stickers included in the box. Lights, camera, action!



Water Wonders

Activity kit with materials



Ten experiments are included on cards to demonstrate the science and art of water with paints, clay, Origami paper, and more,contained in a blue storage box. Learn about bubbles,surface tension,air pressure while following guided discoveries. Perfect to provide lots of important experiences and better understanding of science.



Sesame Street Sleeve and Body Puppets




Sesame Street broadcasts to 70 different countries and in every country children love puppets. These lovable show friends will provide hours of fun to make the show and its characters come to life. They slip over the arm or hand and will enrich the child's experience of Bert, Ernie, Oscar, and all the rest, ranging in size from 10"-18"(Big Bird, of course).



Tic Tac Twice

Board game



Children learn through games and luckily this unique game will help them better understand math concepts, logic, and critical thinking. A twist with colors, shapes, pattern recognition and strategies will get your child focused on high level thinking and sharpen up their math abilities.One of many great games by a company offering fun and learning.

Big Top Productions

800-900-PLAY (7529)

Keroppi Day Hopper

CD Rom. Software



Perfect product to bring out creative abilities, with journal writing, to encourage the child's self-expression. Organizational skills assisted with calendar and address book Sound effects on words,extensive vocabulary, idea balloons filled with questions and decorative stickers for the calendar are great features.



I Spy Memory Game

Board game



High quality graphics on 60 memory cards with 15 riddle cards makes this an enjoyable game to play. Begin with searching for cards that match objects and move on to matching riddles. This is a game for the whole family to discover and enjoy together.


800-558- 6863

Mini Greenhouse

Seed Starter Set



More than a toy this product can help child discover the wonders of starting seeds and watching them grow.Complete with pots, garden book and markers to identify and keep the lid open. A perfect gift for the young naturalist.You may want to get a mini-greenhouse for yourself and begin an herb garden.Great project to do together.


Expand the childs interest with additional garden tools and a spot to place the seeds. Create a garden in your yard, in a barrel, or in clay pots so that the child can watch the whole process from planting seeds to nurturing them to grow. Let this greenhouse be a first step in a lifetime of experiences in nature.

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